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The colors of Trebbia River
The colors of Trebbia River

We decided to spend the last Sunday in July at the river.

Some time ago we came across the website of the TrebbiaNat group, a nice naturist group of friends who started to constantly attend a small corner of paradise on the river Trebbia, the beach nicknamed Wild Bucket for the goliardic habit of frequenters of win the heat, fighting to buckets of river water. Getting to the beach is not easy, especially because to get directions on how to reach it you must first be recognized by contacting the group's representatives. This "controlled" access mode is not elitist arrogance, but represents an absolutely shared form of protection and safeguard of the purity of the place in full respect of naturist values.

Who intends to approach with other purposes is advised !!

After getting in touch with the referents via social and having shared our status as naturists, enrolled at Anita, we received the requested directions and the invitation to join the merry brigade.

So we leave home early in the morning, at 7:15, we drive on the motorway and go out to Piacenza, then we go up the Val Trebbia towards Genoa. After countless curves, finally we find the place to park the car (reported to us by our friends) and we face the difficult descent to the river.


The little sandy beach
The little sandy beach

Down at the end of the path, we come across the first beach (textile): here we look for the best place to wade the river, the naturist area is on the opposite bank. The water is not very high, it comes above the knee, but you must be careful because the current is strong enough and the stones of the riverbed heavily impede our balancement. With great caution, finally we are able to take us to the other side, so we go into the woods and after a little 'walk we find the first signs of the naturist area: a volleyball court and a bowls field, and meet the first people, the naturists of the TrebbiaNat group. After the ritual presentations, we leave the container with our food in the shade in the area equipped with benches and tables, which we then use to consume and share food and drink in happy company, and we settle down to spend our day naturist.

We immediately realize the beauty of the place: the stretch of river in front of us is enclosed between two bends with an impassable rock face on the other side that guides the course, for these reasons the privacy and protection of the place are guaranteed. The water is crystal clear, even though here the river bed is not stony like at the point where we waded it. A sandy beach raised almost like a terrace on the river invites you to lie down in the sun, while behind us grows the forest of leafy plants where to shelter when the sun becomes inclement.

The morning passes quickly between protective creams (very hot day) and baths in fresh and crystal clear water. Then, now the time for lunch, we all gather in the shade to share the aperitif and to eat together.

These moments are difficult to describe, the convivial atmosphere that makes us feel immediately part of the group, despite being the first time we come to the beach, we feel perfectly at ease above all thanks to the courtesy and the great sense of hospitality of our new friends. Finished lunch there is also a guitar, so we start happy choruses on the notes of Italian classics as an accompaniment to coffee (the area is well equipped with everything you need, including a campfire stove).

We stay at the beach until 15:00, just the time for a last swim and to thank our guests, then we resume our way home. A wonderful day, spent in the company in a friendly atmosphere and in an enchanted place, we did true naturism, despite the distance that separates us, we promise to return sooner or later.

Some pictures taken at the beach

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