25. ottobre 2019
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english · 25. ottobre 2019
Weekend of the return to winter time, from 25th to 27th October, from Friday to Sunday, the weather forecast is excellent so we decide for a bike ride. For a long time we have promised ourselves to do, one time or another, the cycle path that accompanies us for long stretches when we drive along the Brenner motorway, that strip of asphalt where we always see so many runners and cyclists running alongside us , first on the banks of the Adige river and then, after Bolzano, on the Isarco river,...

18. agosto 2019
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english · 18. agosto 2019
Mid-August Weekend in Tuscany A consolidated international cultural festival dedicated to contemporary photography is held Since 2006 in Reggio Emilia in the spring: European Photography. The latest edition also saw the participation of Coop Italia in the circuit off with an interesting exhibition entitled "Coop 70 Value in a Box", an audiovisual exhibition dedicated to the 70 years of Coop brand products, much appreciated and visited during the month of opening. The initiative also included...

12. luglio 2019
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english · 12. luglio 2019
The choice In 2018, during our vacation at the Koversada naturist village, in a rainy morning, given the relative proximity to Rovinj, we also took the opportunity to make a brief exploratory visit to the naturist village that is right in front, on the opposite bank of the Lim Fiord, the Valalta FKK Naturist Camping. The impression of that time was really positive, so much so that we promised ourselves to try it at one time or another. At the time we did not think certain that this would happen...

16. giugno 2019
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english · 16. giugno 2019
Mid-June weekend at the seaside Having to attend a conference in Cervia on Saturday 15 June, we decided to spend the whole weekend at the beach, taking the opportunity to spend some time with old friends who live in Pinarella. So we book a stay with breakfast at Hotel Lina in Pinarella, a decent two-star hotel where we arrive on Friday evening, after having traveled on normal roads due to traffic jams on the motorway. A classic dinner with piadina at the usual kiosk, a pleasant custom for us,...

07. ottobre 2018
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english · 07. ottobre 2018
The choice In this period in Andalo the Hotel Adler is one of the few hotels with internal wellenss that are still open, excellent opportunity to spend an autumn weekend of relaxation. Our program plans to combine a half-board stay at the hotel, taking advantage of the internal wellness center, on Saturday afternoon, with a Sunday at AcquaIn, a facility that we know very well thanks to the various visits made during our "career" of saunists. The hotel's online booking system is really...

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