ENG Lido di Dante nudist beach

Free beach at Lido di Dante - naturist area between the two red arrows
Free beach at Lido di Dante - naturist area between the two red arrows


Mid-June weekend at the seaside 


Having to attend a conference in Cervia on Saturday 15 June, we decided to spend the whole weekend at the beach, taking the opportunity to spend some time with old friends who live in Pinarella. 

So we book a stay with breakfast at Hotel Lina in Pinarella, a decent two-star hotel where we arrive on Friday evening, after having traveled on normal roads due to traffic jams on the motorway.

A classic dinner with piadina at the usual kiosk, a pleasant custom for us, then in bed.

The Saturday program includes the meeting between morning and early afternoon, the evening instead we have planned a fish dinner with our friends at the legendary Al Deserto restaurant where we enjoy excellent hot and cold appetizers, and the house specialty: Spaghetti alle Vongole, Uvetta e Pinoli (spaghetti with clams, raisins and pine nuts).

At the end of the dinner we say goodnight and fix the appointment for the next day at lunch at the Bagno Vittorio 124, directly on the Pinarella beach.


Sunday morning, quick visit to the nudist beach


On Sunday morning after breakfast, while waiting to meet again with our friends, we decide to move to Lido di Dante, a nudist beach where we have never been. We arrive at the Lido around 10 am, park the car near the equipped beach of Bagno Classe and walk south. After a few tens of meters, immediately after the Camping Classe FKK, we begin to see the first nudists. We continue to walk a little further, almost to the point where the free beach ends and a fence signals a ban on going further because of starting point of the protected naturalistic area. We find a space on the hot sand where to lay out our beach towels, we undress and we remain to enjoy the sun of a very hot morning.

The situation is generally pleasant, lots of people, groups of friends, many couples and a few singles, all strictly nudists, apart from someone in costume walking along the shoreline, coming from the textile area. The water is clean and, despite the scorching heat, on the seashore with your feet soaking you are doing pretty well. We stay a couple of hours then return to Pinarella for lunch. We still promise to come back, maybe spend the whole day bringing with us the beach umbrella and the portable fridge with fresh food and drinks.




The beach is still closed towards the south, towards the mouth of the Bevano river, so the usable naturist area is limited and rather tight, especially given the high number of bathers present. At 10 am we struggled to find a decent space to spread our sheets on the sand. Unfortunately in Italy it is still understood that the naturist movement can become a resource, both from an environmental and an economic point of view, and it should be supported also from a legislative point of view. Instead you find conditions in which several hundred swimmers have to share a few tens of meters of beach .....



(June 2019)


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